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True Life

There are so few intrinsically good things in the complexities of humanity. And I think we hide from quietness within that complexity. And I think we should “stop and consider the wonderful miracles of God” more often than we do (Job 37:14)

Elevator Convos

While riding the elevator to my car today someone complimented me on my pants.  They went on to say how much they enjoyed my whole outfit.  I thanked them, smiled, and told them to have a great day!

How simple it is to give someone a compliment, and how rarely we do it.  Myself included.  I’m going to start doing my best to give someone a compliment every day.  Want to join?


I’m about to start laundry which means I’m about to start listening to my podcasts. What’s on the docket today Pastor Mark? Honoring the Sabbath…one of the many things I need to hear RIGHT now. I love God’s timing.


Right now in Iowa City, IA it’s the first day of school for the incoming class of 2016.  I welcome each and every one of them to a beginning of a magical 4 years.  I look back at my time at Iowa and realize I never laughed harder, loved more, or cried terribly…we watched a lot of rom-coms.  But in all seriousness some of my closes friends to this day were made during my time at Iowa.  While growing closer to friends and roommates I also grew closer to God.  I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I wouldn’t be where I’m at today if it weren’t for my time in college.

Pray For The Freshmen

This is their time and they’re about to make some of the most important decisions of their lives.  I know I did.


Photography Phone Call: Are Snapshots Dead?

"It’s all about the mistakes," says photo collector Robert E. Jackson, describing the things that catch his eye — like double-exposures, lens flares or people in the air. The quirky. The curious. The intimate.

"I look for things that have an immediate dramatic impact," he says, "what the photography tells us about human psyche. I’m drawn sometimes to things that are a little darker. Now what that says about me I don’t know."

Read the rest of the story on NPR’s Picture Show blog.

(Video: Claire O’Neill/NPR)

"We no longer live in ‘we’ it’s all about the ‘me’ photography."

The End of July

Here’s an actual conversation I had with myself just a few days ago, “You’re doing a great job JP. Fridge is stocked with food, you’re cooking more and more. You don’t even feel that tempted to stop for fast food anymore. You’ve really turned over a new leaf…WHAT!!! Monopoly is back at McDonald’s!” (Indicator signals for a right turn). “You darn dirty McDonalds”

Well I’m off the bandwagon again, oh well. I’m heading to Sturgis, SD for a little while to PA a reality show. It’s exciting to have some production work again! Whenever life feels slow and nothing is going on, it feels REALLY slow…but then suddenly when you’re leaving to go out of town time speeds up WAY to quickly. To-Do lists double in size, errands take twice as long, and suddenly everyone you’ve been calling calls back on the same day.

I really have nothing to complain about because July has been absolutely unbelievable. The first day of July I had a Mad Men Marathon with my good friend in Chicago. From their life got crazy; I drove a tank, celebrated the 4th with family, left on a free Disney Cruise, had a church picnic, went to Disneyland, my parents came to visit, went trapezing (sp?), did some community service, and served some homeless. God is good all the time.

Truly some of the highlights this month have been talking with some close friends of mine. Sharing our faith, laughing about life, discussing heart break and hurt, digging deeper into scripture, and even the ramifications of skinny jeans. I love that God made us relational creatures. I heard Pastor Mark Driscoll say “I don’t need better friends, I have to be a better friend”. That really hit me. I focus so much at times on how others treat me but rarely do I look at how I treat others. It’s easy to say this now, but I want to be better with staying in touch with my friends and family. Phone, text, email, or Facebook these tools are all designed for us to stay connected, let’s use them.

How great are podcasts! I’ve got my apple tech one, church one, youth ministry one, video game one, and now newest to the list is Yahoo Answers one. Thank you cousin. Ive never listened to something and laughed so hard. As a generation we want our news in shorter and more digestible nuggets. We want to be read the news rather then have to read. We’d rather see an attack happen over seas on YouTube then listen to a news agency report on it. Everything’s immediate and everything’s at our fingertips. I’m excited to hear Apple announcement to help counter Google Glass. Counter isn’t the right word…compete with. That’s better.

Well I’m at the airport and it is time for me to hit security. Goodbye for now. Please check out my YouTube page if you haven’t seen it. New channel trailer and also highlights from my cousins wedding.

PS- I’ve got a short dialogue I’ve been DYING to film with some friends. It’s gonna be powerful.

Oh, the wonder of the greatest love has come.

Shine Your light so all can see it. Lift it up ‘cause the whole world needs it. Love has come what joy to hear it. He has overcome, He has overcome!

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